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What we believe in

we want to break up with toxic beauty standards

Common Clouds was born out of a simple vision – to remove the stigma surrounding acne. We want a future where you will never define your self-worth based on what your skin looks like. But we also know that it's complicated. Loving yourself in a filtered, perfection-obsessed world is hard.

But here's the thing. Acne is the most common skin condition in the world. More than 85 percent of young people have some degree of acne at some point. Yet, the connection between acne and mental health is well established. Skin conditions like acne affect everything from self-image to social interactions. When we have acne, we tend to isolate ourselves and avoid doing things that usually make us happy – like seeing friends or go to the gym – creating a viscious spiral. Feelings of shame and loneliness are common (and that friend telling you to just "drink more water" doesn't help). We want you to feel less alone and and carry your skin – pimples or not – with pride.

Where others see pimples, we see clouds

The Cloud is a metaphor for the fleeting nature of things. Clouds come and go – in the sky, in the mind, on your skin and in life. Everything will pass and that is kind of beautiful. Even the darkest cloud will drift away.

The "Common" is because pimples – which we think of as clouds on the skin – are common.



Common Clouds is a female-founded (yes, really! No fem-washing♀️) company based in Stockholm and Amsterdam. Our backgrounds are in beauty, skincare, food and art.

Maria is a beauty journalist (mostly ELLE) and author of two books on skin nutrition. On her personal skin CV is adult acne – Maria knows first-hand how hard acne can be on your mental well-being.

Cajsa is our CEO! She's been in beauty marketing and product development for over a decade, working for *big brands*. On her personal skin CV is hormonal acne.

Helena is our creative mastermind. She's an art director and lives in Amsterdam, and is more obsessed with clouds than is probably healthy. On her personal skin CV is teen acne and PMS pimples.