Refund policy

Money back guarantee

You have 30 days money back guarantee from the time you receive your order. This applies under the condition that the product is sent back in unchanged condition and in the original packaging. In cases where the product is sealed, this seal must be unbroken. Cloud Patch and Moon Patch are products whose packaging must not be broken for a return to be approved, for hygienic reasons. Use the box your order was delivered in or other impact-resistant packaging when returning. Remember to package your item well so that it is not damaged during shipping.

To report your return/complaint, you need to send us an email at containing which products are to be returned, order number and reason for return/complaint. If we approve your return notification, we will send you a return label by e-mail that you can use to return the product to us. When we have handled your return, we will correct the payment and email you a confirmation that the return has been received and processed.


If you have received a damaged, incorrect or incomplete product, you can make a complaint. It is important that you submit your complaint to us as soon as possible after you receive the product, by sending an email with information about the desired complaint to COMMON CLOUDS is responsible for the return shipping in cases where the product needs to be sent back to us. If the reason for your complaint is judged to be incorrect, we have the right to deny it. We always follow the Swedish General Complaints Board's recommendations. In case of complaint disputes, we advise you to contact the Swedish General Complaints Board, which will help you get the dispute heard. Remember to always create a copy of your complaint in case a dispute arises.