Cloud Patch pimple patch awarded "Best spot treatment"!

Cloud Patch pimple patch awarded "Best spot treatment"!

Looking for the best spot treatment to quickly calm your pimple? You've arrived to the right place!

Our bestselling pimple patch Cloud Patch was awarded Best Spot Treatment in skincare maven Glowaddictions' big Best Spot Treatment-test!

We are huge fans av Lina AKA Glowaddictions, and beyond thrilled some out at top when Lina and her testers tried 7 different pimple patches and spot treatments. The testers tried different spot treatments over the course of month, and then the followers also voted for their favourite spot treatment.

"The blemishes and pimples are calmer and looks much less inflamed after just one night with the pimple patch", says one tester.

"After one night – or a day – with the cloud, the pimple patch has sucked out the gunk from the pimple. The skin is noticeable calmer. Beyond expectations! I will always have a pack of pimple patches at home from now on", says another.

Read the full reviews and see the before and after images (in Swedish) HERE.


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