How to use BHA – and get the most out of Cloud Water

How to use BHA – and get the most out of Cloud Water

Are you new to BHA, the miracle ingredient that everyone (at least on TikTok!) is talking about? Read on to find out how to get the best results with BHA – and how long time it takes fo your BHA toner to work.


Start using BHA slowly 🐌

If you are new to exfoliating acids or have extremely sensitive skin, start by introducing BHA 3-4 times per week. We use Cloud Water daily since it's also packed with anti-inflammatory, calming ingredients (and we've been using it for ages!), but always listen to your skin.


Apply BHA after cleansing 🛁

Cloud Water BHA Toner should be applied as the first step after cleansing. It's up to you if you apply it with a cotton round or clap it into your skin with your (clean!) hands. Since Cloud Water is oil-free, you can put a Cloud Patch or Moon Patch on top.


Have patience 🧘‍♀️

We know, we all love overnight results. But truth is that most skincare ingredients need time to work. You'll most likely notice that redness, blackheads and pores are less visible after 1-2 weeks (depending on how often you use your BHA), but your skin needs at least 4-6 weeks to see full effects. And remember that a lot of factors – like stress levels, hormones and climate – affect your skin.
However, the calming coctail in Cloud Water should bring an almost instant zen to your skin. And happy barrier means happy skin.


Try it on your body (yes, really!) 🦭

Got goose bumps? And not the good kind (like when kissing someone you love)? Maybe we shouldn't say this because we made a product intended for the face, BUT we'vre heard *rumours* that people are using Cloud Water on bumpy body skin, AKA keratosis pilaris, which is often found on arms and legs. BHA – or salicylic acid, which is the kind of BHA that we use – is great at unclogging the excess keratin that plugs your skin and form bumps. Try it and keep us posted!