margareta grääs with cloud pimple patch finnplåster


Margareta Grääs is the make-up artist who shot to fame as one of Sweden's top beauty influencers and Youtubers. She's loved for her honest reviews (her Christmas calendar reviews are legendary), colourful makeup tutorials and unfiltered images behind the scenes in the daily life of a beauty influencer.

We talk to Margareta about skincare, her relationship to acne and daily beauty hacks. Read the full interview below!

NAME: Margareta Grääs
Make-up artist, Youtuber and beauty influencer
Kalmar, Sweden

How did your beauty interest begin? And when did it become a job?

– It just started one day when I was bored. I’ve always love colour and shapes, and from there it just went on. After a few years things really escalated, and I jumped on the chance to work with my socials, makeup and beauty full time. It’s chance and luck more than anything, but God how much fun it is!


 What’s your relationsship to acne?

– I’ve always had a few (and stubborn!) breakouts during PMS and my period. I also tend to get a lot of breakout when I’m stressed, but I’ve never suffered from acne. I think it’s important to acknowledge that almost everyone gets the odd pimple, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But the discomfort, pressure and irritation can really drive me crazy at times!

Do you pop your pimples?

– 100%, but Common Clouds’ patches are a miracle for not touching. I’ve never picked my skin as liittle as now!

Does acne affect your mood?

– I’m sure it did when I was younger, but not anymore. It’s a part of me like everything else. It’s a normal process in a body with hormones, isn’t it?

How and when do you use Cloud Patch?

– Before I go to bed at night, or daytime without make to stop me from scratching and picking my breakouts. I always wake up with less irritated skin and a smaller pimple!


  1. Keep your skincare routine as short or long as you enjoy doing it. If it’s fun you will stick to it.

  2. USE SUNSCREEN. I can’t scream it out loud enough!

  3. If you like a lighter coverage, mix up a small amount day cream with some foundation to make your own tinted moisturiser. Super simple and hydrating!

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