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Name: Havsa (She/Her)
Age: 21
Occupation: Musician/DJ. Works at Humana.
Zodiac sign: Sagittarius
Instagram: @o.wino @kargoproductions

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 How are you today?
– I’m great! A little bit tired but still in a good mood. 

 How is your relationship with your skin?
I think I have a pretty good relationship with my skin. Mostly I just accept my skin for what it is. Some days I wake up and think “Uw, why don’t I have better skin?”. But I’m lucky because I haven’t had that many issues with my skin. Since I entered puberty,  pimples pop up once in a while. But when I have a bad skin day, it does affect me.

 Does social media affect your self-image?
I would be lying if I said no. When I scroll on social media I don't think “Wow, she’s so gorgeous and I’m so ugly”, but maybe I compare myself subconsciously. Society at large affects your self-image. 

 What would you tell your 15 year old self?
– The same things I tell myself today. Don’t take yourself too seriously because no one cares. I would say it in a kind way though. Honestly, no one thinks about you as much as you think about yourself. It’s difficult to free yourself from other people's opinions but you gotta try. It’s so much easier to live a happy life if you don’t take yourself too seriously. 

 When do you feel your best?
When I have a good night's sleep, work out, hang out with friends or if I’m just generally in a good mood.

 What is your skincare routine?
– Every night I use makeup remover, facial cleanser, toner and moisturiser. In the morning I just cleanse with water and use a moisturiser. When I get a pimple I pop it. It results in me getting dark acne scars but I just can’t help it!

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 What are you the most proud of?
– Probably my optimism. My tendency and desire to see the beauty in my surroundings.

What are 3 things that make you happy?
– Listening to a good song, my friends and eating ramen. I appreciate both fancy ramen and instant ramen. I don't discriminate against ramen. All noodles have equal value, just different purpose.