SKINSIDER: Asrin Dewari AKA Hudvårdstjej

SKINSIDER: Asrin Dewari AKA Hudvårdstjej

Adult acne and glow can happily co-exist – just look at our Instagram crush Asrin, also known as Hudvårdstjej. Today a psychologist and self-ocnfessed skincare junkie, we love Asrin for her sparkling energy as well as her honest videos from days when life is not as rosy.

Here, Asrin shares her struggles with adult acne, why we must be critical of taking skincare tips from social media and what keeps her from popping pimples.

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NAME: Asrin Dewari
OCCUPATION: School psychologist and skincare influencer @hudvårdstjej
LIVES: Borlänge, Sweden

How did your interest in skincare take off?

– When I was 19, I got acne for the first time in my life. After teenage years with skin and body in balance I was shocked. At the same time, I started university and moved six hours away from home. The stress doubled up, and also the sadness. Somewhere in feelings of hopelessness I found an interest in skin and skincare in a more educational way than earlier. I wanted to understand why skin reacts and acts the way it does, and educate myself.

What’s your relationship to acne?

– It’s really complex. I have days when I find strength in having acne and being able to normalise it for others, both in my day job and on social media. Other days I just want to hide away in a corner and not look anyone in the eye. There’s an incredible sadness in having acne as an adult, that’s probably the most hurtful part. That's not only a youth thing. Today, acne is a part of me, and in some way it always will – it has changed me from within. It’s more than only the pimples showing and post-pimple pigmentation. Something happens with self-esteem and the realisaton of what matters. But it goes up and down.

Do you pop pimples (no shame!)?

– Yes! Unfortunately. I avoid it as best as I can, and probably don’t touch the pimples 9 out of 10 times – but it happens! What has helped me the most is to put on a pimple patch. They are much less visible and the risk of me picking is drastically reduced.

Does acne affect your mood and feelings?

– Yes, and also where the pimples are placed – if they are visible, big and angry, or smaller and not as red. But yes, it does, more or less depending on how vulnerable I am mentally at the time.

How and when do you use Cloud Patch?

– At least 3 times a week, mostly when the pimple is close to coming to a head or ready to pop. Sometimes I get pimples that are not as deep, and I apply Cloud Patch to reduce the redness and drastically calm down the pimple.

Do you have any skincare no-no’s?

– Yes! To not take what is said on social media or in ads as the only truth. I read up, see what the ingredients can do for me, read reviews (both good and bad!) and try one product at a time. I don’t shock my skin with a thousand new products at one time. It helps me to see both when products really make a difference and when products make my skin react badly!


  •       Less is more! You don’t need everything.
  •       Use SPF!
  •       Take care of your skin barrier.

Bonus points: Don’t pop your pimples, use pimple patches! 💙

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