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Wonder why dermatologists don't want us to pop our pimples? Our expert skin doctor advisor, Dr Anahita Ghorbani, explains why you should use a pimple patch instead of popping.

cloud shaped pimple patch

First of all, why is it bad to pop pimples?

– Popping or picking a pimple can worsen the inflammation and cause red or dark marks (called post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation) or permanent scarring. A rule of thumb can be to always have at least an arm's length distance to your mirror and not use magnifying mirrors or very bright light when looking at your skin.

Why should I use a pimple patch instead of popping?

– A pimple patch creates a physical barrier against popping and picking at the skin, but a hydrocolloid sticker – which is less drying than other types – also allows your blemish to recover faster and heal uninterrupted.

How do I prevent scarring from acne?

– First of all, the way you treat your skin is very important. Don’t dry it out, never pick pimples and use sun protection if you’re out in daylight. Protect your skin with moisture, and supplement with a pimple patch as a protective layer against picking and touching. 

Secondly if you suffer from moderate to severe acne, and you also have acne scarring in your family or you notice a change in the skin texture, don't wait to seek professional help from a dermatologist! The sooner you treat your acne the less risk of scarring you have.